FAQ's section...

Will my new CV guarantee me work?

 99% of our customers find work in the first month of having their CV updated. Check out trust pilot for customer feedback: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/topredcvs.com

Who writes the CVs?

 We do! All our CV writers are UK based and work for us. We don't outsource any of our CV writing. This means quality is always maintained and ensured.

Do your writers have experience within my Industry and field of work?

We have extensive experience across many fields and industries. Please review our About us and Industries pages for a more in depth explanation.

What is the average turn around time for a CV? 

This typically takes 3 - 5 days depending on career level and industry.

How many pages should my CV be?

Generally, we recommend 1 - 3 pages. As a guideline, one page is enough for a graduate with a higher level of experience two or three pages would be an average length.

If I am unhappy with my CV at the end of the process, what will happen?

Part of our process is to do several drafts. However, if you’re still unhappy, we will have a further consultative phone call to ascertain your areas of concern so that we can then get it rectified.

I don't have access to a printer, can you post a copy of my CV?

Yes, we can post copies of your CV for a nominal additional charge.

Can you provide further copies of my CV?

Yes, all CVs we create are held on file and can be re-sent to you at any time. If you wish for a further copy, please email your request, and we can re-send both word and PDF copies.  

What information do you require?

Foremost, we will require a thorough explanation and understanding of your background and previous work experience. If you have a current CV, we will also request a copy of this to attain as much information as possible.

How does it work and what is your process?

To gather all the required information, we will arrange an initial telephone consultation to establish your background and requirements. We will also send you a questionnaire to complete (if required) which, will provide us with any further details which may be missing from your current CV. There will be ongoing text message support if any additional questions pop up throughout the process.

Why do you require payment upfront? 

Essentially, this is standard industry practice. It also protects our relationships with our customers as we don't have to chase them for the invoiced amount after. However, most importantly, this ensures the price you initially see is what you get and therefore is not subject to change even if it requires more time and work.


Please email support@topredcvs.com with any other questions that have not been answered and clarified in this section.